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Build your ultimate tool kit with our large selection of storage and tool sets enabling customised tool solutions for any kind of industry or profession. Don’t waste space and money on tools you don’t need. Buy the exact tools you require and if you need more in the future, just add new sets that fit seamlessly into your storage solution. When you purchase TengTools you are guaranteed the highest quality. If a tool is worn out or if you happen to lose a piece, individual tools can be easily purchased as replacements.

Time Saving: An organised tool storage system can help you save time by reducing the time you spend searching for tools. When you have a designated spot for every tool, you can quickly locate the one you need.

Increased productivity: An organised workspace can help you work more efficiently and effectively. When you have a clear idea of where each tool is located, you can work faster, and the time you save can be used to complete more tasks.

Improved safety: A disorganised tool storage system can lead to accidents, such as tripping or falling, and injuries caused by misplaced tools. An organised system, on the other hand, reduces the chances of accidents and ensures that each tool is in its designated place, making it less likely to be left lying around where it could cause harm.

Cost-effective: An organised tool storage system can help you avoid buying tools you already have or replacing lost ones, saving you money in the long run.

Better tool longevity: When tools are stored properly, they are less likely to suffer damage from being knocked around or exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. This means that they will last
longer and perform better.

Sustainability: When you Get Organised™ with our long-lasting tools, you minimize the need to purchase replacements. That is sustainability in a nutshell.


Build your ultimate tool kit with our large selection of storage solutions and tool sets. Don’t waste money on tools you don’t need. When you can purchase the exact tools you require you save money and maximise space in your tool storage solution.


1. Evaluate what type of storage solution you require

2. A tip is to buy a slightly larger storage than what you currently need so your tool kit can grow with you

3. Decide if you need tool sets in the premium feel Foam Series or in the space saving TT Series.

4. Choose the exact tools that you need in a combination that fits into your chosen storage solution

5. Our system is expandable and you can add new tool sets to your kit as new needs arise. You can also buy individual tools

6. Our Tool Control System is modular so all tool sets can be transferred between different storage solutions. You can easily take a tool set from your workshop stack to your portable service case.


Our tools are used by companies that do not compromise on quality. Independent tests have shown that TengTools not only exceed the international quality standards – they are best in class and were positioned first or second in all of the eight product categories tested.

TengTools originates from a long Swedish tradition of world leading technology and user-centric design. We are constantly developing and improving our tools for both new and old problems. Our extensive range offers an opportunity for professionals to find an optimal assortment with regard to quality, range and price. Strong materials and experienced tool makers guarantee a consistent premium quality. The lifetime warranty offered with our tools means you can rest assured they will not let you down.

1/2" Air Impact Wrench Set TT2
13 Pieces
3/8" Insulated Socket Set FOAM2
18 Pieces
Plier Set Vinyl Grip TT2
8 Pieces
Ratcheting Combination Spanner
Set R Tool Roll 10 Pieces



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